Wiñaypaq is a non-profit organisation dedicated to cultural, ecological and educational work. We develop diverse projects through which we re-discover the value of the teachings from the ancestral cultures and spread its importance and validity, thus promoting models of a decent and a sustainable life.

One of the projects of the association is the Wiñaypaq Intercultural School, located in the district of Pisaq in the peasant community of Huandar, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cusco. Through this school  we provide free and quality initial and primary education to 80 girls and boys of Quechua and Mestizo origin from different peasant communities.

Another ongoing project is the Bahuaja Amazonian Conservation Area, a private conservation area recognised by the Ministry of the Environment of Peru, where we develop different projects such as conservation, planting of medicinal plants and reforestation with bamboo to reduce the pressure on forest felling.

Presentation Wiñaypaq Intercultural School